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Travel Guide 2019 | 150 visit places of India

 150 visit place in India Best visit Places In India, International Tourist destinations of India. Famous for its rich heritage and ancient civilization India. Is it safe to travel to Kashmir 2019? Where exactly am I going and is it safe enough to go there? These kind of questions I asked myself only at the airport while waiting to board my flight to Srinagar, the capital of this disputable region. Not that I was really looking for an answer to those questions to be honest, but it did cross my mind while roaming Instagram for the best things to do in Kashmir.

The fact that there are daily flights from Delhi to this region was enough info for me to not be bothered about safety issues.

10 best places of Kashmir Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , 10 best places of Kashmir travel. 150 visit places to India But it is quite obvious that I was not really prepared.but as you know that is how I like it. Of course I did some research about sightseeing in Kashmir. but I did not book anything in advanced. I like to be free and go wherever I want to. without getting stuck to a certain booking. It made my trip to Kashmir even more adventurous. but may be I should have looked at a Kashmir travel guide this time to get at least some basic tips. 

1. Gulmarg visit in India Travel Guide 

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , Making its position in the list of Kashmir Travel Guide & Best Things To Do In Kashmir, Gulmarg is known as the meadow of flowers and counted as the most visited tourist places in Kashmir Valley. It is perfect for adventurous activities and enriched with charming flowers against snow-capped mountain ranges. Gulmarg is also famous for having world’s highest Gondola Ride that offer panoramic glimpse of the gorgeous valley. Mountain biking, skiing, trekking and various other adventure sports are waiting for you.

2. Srinagar visit in India Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India, Famously known as ‘Heaven on Earth’,Srinagar is summer capital of jammu an kashmir state.Situated in clear lakes and coastal,forested mountains, Srinagar has long had a considerable tourist economy.Along its course through the city, the Jhelum River is spanned by several wooden bridges.

When you visit Srinagar Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , The first thing you do is close your eyes and breathe in lungfuls of the clean, fresh mountain air. The second thing you do is hire a houseboat and pay a visit to Dal Lake. Hills surround the most famous tourist spot in all of Kashmir, Dal Lake, and as long as your sight takes you, you can see the mountains reflected in the water.

Ride on Dal Lake Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , Taking a Shikara ride on Dal Lake is also a must-do activity.Bedecked with colourful rugs and carpets, these gondola-type rowboats take tourists to see attractions like the Floating Vegetable Market, and the Mir Bahris – a lively community of people who live on the lake itself.

You can also spend a night in one of the houseboats, and wake up to a magnificent sunrise that will take your breath away. Dal Lake also offers water sports such as kayaking and skiing, Top 150 visit places in India, for those interested. Best time to visit: June to October, and for snow December & January would be the best.traveling spot in srinagar:Dal Lake,Mughal Gardens,Nishat Bagh,Shalimar Bagh,Hazratbal Shrine

3. Kathua visit in India Travel Guide

Commonly called the “city of sufis”.People who love peace should visit this city of Sufis. The shrines with beautiful hills of JK could be diverse experience for a tourist. Top 150 visit places in India, Kathua district has five different tehsils such as Basohli, Billawar, Hiranagar, Kathua and Bani. They are also among the best palaces of kathua.Best time to visit: Summer is the best time to visit Kathua.

4. Kupwara visit in India Travel Guide

Kupwara is the backward frontier District of Kashmir Valley with breathtaking scenic beauty and a teeming wildlife.The most beautiful valley in kashmir is Lolab.Which is located in Kupwara.

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , Top 150 visit places in India, The Lolab Valley is a sub-valley and forms the north-western corner of the Valley Kashmir formed by the Lahwal River in the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India. The entrance to the valley lies 9 km (5.6 mi) north of Kupwara town and the centre of the valley lies 114 km (71 mi) northwest of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

Traveling km aidea :

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , It is an oval-shaped valley 15 miles (24 km) long with an average width of 2 miles (3.2 km) When one reaches the Lolab valley, which once was like a paradise, two things strike you. One, the huge concentration of the troops – garrisons, barracks and soldiers scattered everywhere.

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , The other is the vast graveyards giving peace to both known and unnamed souls. Top 150 visit places in India, If you wanted to explore something beyond the beauty and the brutalities of Lolab. Something inane. Something trivial. There is a village – Kalaroos.7Kms ahead of the village of Kupwara, on Kupwara-Machil road, Kalaroos lies between Lashtyal and Madhmadu villages.

5. Sonamarg visit in India Travel Guide

Sonamarg, which means ‘meadow of gold’ has, as its backdrop, snowy mountains against a cerulean sky. Top 150 visit places in India, Sonmarg is easily accessible from Srinagar or Srinagar Airport,the capital of Kashmir, in under 3 hours by car or by bus.

Sonamarg visit some info Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , Sonmarg is inaccessible during winter due to heavy snowfall and avalanches, NH 1D is closed in December every year, the local traffic is permitted only up to Gagangear village, which is the last permanent settlement of this area. Only the Choppers of Indian army lands at Sonmarg[10] during winter carrying essentials for the army camp, and the army personnels are the only people who stay at Sonmarg during these harsh weather conditions.Best Time to Visit Sonamarg:

Observing all the seasons of Sonamarg it could be easy to deduce that best time to visit the place is from April to October to those who like cool atmosphere but not frigid. The later could be experienced and enjoyed in the winters here.

Things to do: Trekking, Camping and nature walks.

6. Pulwama visit in India Travel Guide

Pulwama is centrally located in the valley of Kashmir.Famously named as the “Rice Bowl Of Kashmir”, this quaint village in Jammu and Kashmir is a great place to witness the nature’s real beauty of the state.

In pulwama you can visit Travel Guide in Aharbal Waterfall: 35km away from the Jama Masjid Shopian, the waters of River Vishav, Top 150 visit places in India create one of the most majestic of waterfalls in the modest town of Pulwama.

The waterfall has scenic surroundings comprising of thick fir forests, making it one of the attractions which leaves it visitors fascinated enough to spend a good hour or two here,Tarsar and Marsar Lake:

How to about km Travel Guide

About 3 km and 5 km respectively from the village of Nagberan, Tarsar and Marsar are two beautiful lakes in the Pulwama district, Top 150 visit places in India, that find themselves tied to instances of the folktales of Kashmir.

Kungwattan : Situated 8 km away from the Aharbal Waterfalls, isolated and untouched from human intervention, Kungwattan is a meadow at a height of 8, 400km.  Travel Guide From Kungwattan a walk through thick forests lead to Mahinag at 9, 800 feet. Top 150 visit places in India, Jama Masjid Shopian: On way to Mughal road across Pir Panjal, the Jama Masjid Shopian mosque was once an important stopover. Built during the Mughal era, its was considered as the waypoint for all Mughals on way to Kashmir and back.

Most popular Travel Guide :

Today too, it continues be a prominent landmark and attraction. Kounsarnag Lake: Located amidst the Panjal mountains to the south of Kashmir, at 4000m above sea level, the Kounsar lake finds itself frozen even during the summer months. Top 150 visit places in India, The Vishav is fed by the Kounsarnag lake which is about 3 km long. It joins the Jhelum below Bijbehara  Travel Guide .

Avantishwar Temple: A signification monument in Pulwama, this temple is situated in Jawbrari Village of the district and is said to have been built by Raja Awanti Varma, in the 9th Century AD. Top 150 visit places in India, The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Best time to visit: April to October.

7. Leh Ladakh visit in India  Travel Guide

Travelling to Leh-Ladakh is one of the most cherished dreams for many. Experiencing the sights of vast and desolate expanse of hills and valleys combined with the thrilling experience of enduring the harsh climate is one of its kind adventure. Top 150 visit places in India, In winters have their own charm when only a handful of travelers visit the place and the site is all covered with snow and the views are most breathtaking. This also the time when one of the most adventurous treks of the world, the Chadar-Trek, over the majestic and frozen Zanskar River is underway  Travel Guide .

Season (Month) Wise Best Time and Way to Visit Leh (Ladakh):

1. April to Mid-May  Travel Guide :

April marks the beginning of tourist season in Ladakh when the place begins to warm up with tourist activity. Restaurants open, Top 150 visit places in India,  hotels and guest houses start to welcome guest and various camps at sites such as Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri Lake commence to set up. Usually by the second week of May, the crucial Srinagar-Leh highway opens up leading to a flurry of tourism energy into Ladakh.

2. Mid May to July  Travel Guide :

During this time, one will only find Srinagar-Leh highway opened and this is just not the right occasion to complete the circuit. But in June beginning, Manali road opens up along with Rohtang Pass, however, the starting 7-10 days are really not suitable for travel since area experiences snow slides and recurring blockages. Top 150 visit places in India, In the time of this short window, just before the monsoons, it is really cool and alluring to travel to Ladakh due to the amazing weather.
The roads are flanked by high snow walls around Rohtang and sometimes Baralacha Pass too and there are many other incredible views of pervading snow to enjoy.

3. August to Mid-September Travel Guide :

At this time, the monsoons are in full swing and rivers, puddle and water crossings are full with flow. Top 150 visit places in India, Travelling during this period can be risky and dangerous as landslides are common.

4. Mid-September to Mid-October  Travel Guide :

This is one of the best seasons of all for visiting the amazing and picturesque locations of Leh and Ladakh as the place is imbued in wonderful colors in all their glory right up thorough the Srinagar-Leh as well as Manali-Leh roads. Top 150 visit places in India, After monsoons, the flowing waters recedes too much extent and the weather is dry with a beginning chill and occasional snowfall.

5. Mid October to Mid-November  Travel Guide :

Top 150 visit places in India Travel Guide , By this time the cold has completely taken over the area with the place experiencing sub-zero temperatures at all locations Almost all of the tourists have deserted the place with only few ones remaining to brave the chill.Most of the hotels, guesthouses, restaurants are closed while even locals have moved back, abandoning the place till winters.

6. Mid-November to March  Travel Guide :

This is the coldest seasons of all in Ladakh when the region is completely cut-off from rest of the India by road, although roads to Pangong Tso Lake and Nubra Valley over KhardungLa Pass and Chang La Pass are kept open all round the year, leaving few days of snowfall. From Mid-January to Mid-March is also the time when many adventure tourists arrive in Ladakh for the famous Chadar Trek, involving walk over the frozen Zanskar River.

8. Dal Lake visit in India  Travel Guide

Dal lake very beautiful place with scenic beauty watch sun set and sun rise you feel connected to nature spiritually shirakawa are good but you have to bargain with them a lot. Top 150 visit places in India,  The shoreline of the lake is about 15.5 Km & is encompassed with a boulevard line with Mughal era gardens viz, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, parks, house boats & hotels.

9. Aru Valley visit in India  Travel Guide

Top 150 visit places in India  Travel Guide , Most people visiting Pahalgam make a day trip to Aru. I would urge you to spend at least 2 days at this place to completely soak in the nature. (That is, if you are not headed to any of the longer treks).

Just relax in the village

head out on horseback to numerous other sub-valleys, with packed food and return by Sun down. Top 150 visit places in India, While at it, you will enjoy solitude and peace like no other place. I really envy these kids. Have a look at their school and listen to their morning prayer. Aru valley a hidden gem in Kashmir.

Aru Valley lies barely 12 kms from Pahalgam

Calm and free from tourists, it offers a lot of trek options in the nearby valleys – all untouched and pristine. Nestled between towering mountains, and flowing streams, Aru Valley is as pristine as it gets. Top 150 visit places in India  Travel Guide , Lush green meadows welcome you here. Once you move past the small village, numerous meadows and lakes await you.

If you are up for it

some multi-day treks from here can take you to places, you won’t believe exist! The locals pronounce it as आडू (Aadu) and not अरु (Aru) or आरू (Aaru). Don’t get confused with the pronunciations. Top 150 visit places in India, Aru is only about 100 kms from Srinagar and the journey takes about 2 hours. There are multiple small municipal “tolls” along the route at the district “borders”. The roads are good for the most part till Pahalgam.  Travel Guide

You can shop

You can shop for authentic Kesar (Saffron) and Kashmir Willow cricket bats from the innumerable shops that dot this highway  Travel Guide . Also available, are various crafts shops – don’t forget to bargain with them, though. Top 150 visit places in India, From Pahalgam, Aru is around 12 kms away. The road after Pahalgam, along the Lidder river, is narrow and winding. Drive carefully here.

Drive carefully here


Local cabs are quite rash and best option is to let them overtake you. Why drive fast anyway? Go slow and enjoy the views. It is a protected wildlife sanctuary and you are required to pay a small entry fee for yourself and your vehicle. Top 150 visit places in India,  Most people visiting Pahalgam make a day trip to Aru  Travel Guide . I would urge you to spend at least 2 days at this place to completely soak in the nature. (That is, if you are not headed to any of the longer treks).

Just relax in the village

head out on horseback to numerous other sub-valleys, with packed food and return by Sun down. Top 150 visit places in India, While at it, you will enjoy solitude and peace like no other place. I really envy these kids. Have a look at their school and listen to their morning prayer. Various trek routes originate from Aru village. Some of the most popular treks are Kolahoi glacier, Tarsar Marsar lakes, Lidderwat, Katrinag valley etc. Being on a family holiday, any of these multi day treks was out of agenda Travel Guide .

  I really envy these kids

I would urge you to spend at least 2 days at this place to completely soak in the nature. (That is, if you are not headed to any of the longer treks). Just relax in the village, head out on horseback to numerous other sub-valleys, with packed food and return by Sun down. Top 150 visit places in India, While at it, you will enjoy solitude and peace like no other place. I really envy these kids.

Have a look at their school and listen to their morning prayer. Various trek routes originate from Aru village. Some of the most popular treks are Kolahoi glacier, Tarsar Marsar lakes, Lidderwat, Katrinag valley etc. Being on a family holiday, any of these multi day treks was out of agenda. Top 150 visit places in India  Travel Guide .

10. Thajiwas Glacier  Travel Guide

Thajiwas Glacier exemplifies the charm of Sonmarg. Located at a distance of 3 kms from the town, it is the most easily accessible glacier in the region. Confined to gentle ice-slopes in the summers, Thajiwas Glacier dwindles in the valley of Sonmarg.

Shopping Market in Kashmir  Travel Guide 

The picturesque town of Srinagar is a delight for all travelers. If you are a nature lover, photographer or an adventure junkie, Srinagar will never let you feel bored. Shopaholics, Top 150 visit places in India, you don’t need to worry as well because shopping in Srinagar is as exciting as any other activity Travel Guide  . 

Srinagar boasts of many buzzing and bustling local markets, studded with shops selling all authentic Kashmiri products. Are you confused what to buy and from where? Let us help you here.

To pamper and entice the shopaholic in you, Srinagar in Kashmir has much to offer  Travel Guide . From apparels to home décor, it’s got something for everyone and the bargaining and stealing the best offer from the local markets makes Srinagar shopping all the more fun. Top 150 visit places in India, If you wish to shortlist what to buy in Srinagar, here are some of the famous items one can pick.


Don’t ever think of leaving Srinagar without buying real and beautiful pashmina shawls, stoles, sweaters, and jackets. The varied colors, designs and weaving pattern of real Pashmina apparels will surely spoil you with choices.

Kashmiri Tea: One of the most popular and high in demand shopping items in Srinagar is Kashmiri Tea. Top 150 visit places in India, Though it is slightly different from the tea we have every day, but the varied flavors and fragrance of Kashmiri tea are truly hypnotic and enthralling. Be it Kashmiri Kahwa or salted pink tea or noon chai or oolong tea; every taste and aroma will make you fall for it.

 Cheap Rent Hotel Travel Guide

Hotels in Jammu and Kashmir provide excellent accommodation options for the thousands of tourists visiting this northernmost state of the Indian Union. Top 150 visit places in India, One of the loveliest places in India – Jammu and Kashmir abounds in picture-perfect natural beauty, and is often rightly referred as the ‘Paradise on Earth’ Travel Guide . The state takes immense pride in the Heritage Hotels in Jammu and Kashmir.

Top 150 visit places in India Rent Category  Travel Guide

1. Saraswati Hotel Area : Raghunath Temple (AreaCouple Friendly)
₹462 Rs
Guests can use an ID proof for verification
2. Le Roi, Jammu
Area : Jammu Railway Station
₹1739 Rs
Guests can use an ID proof for verification
3. Heritage Homestay Jammu
Area : Bus Stand Area
4. OYO 4300 Hotel The Royal Placid
Area : Raghunath Temple Area
5.Hotel Vardaan
Area : Bus Stand Area

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